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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Silly Kids

Imagine you have 2 children, they are 13 & 8, they like to argue...with each other. You often wonder if you get through to them at all.

Say on Valentines Day you go shopping with your mom...for 7 hours....let's just say you leave the kids home....with your hubby (insert evil laugh here).

What if they actually get along for a few hours while you're gone, they secretly work TOGETHER!!! to make something for you and hubby while hubby is on the computer. Say you come home and give everyone the valentines treats you got them and your children hand you a card!

You look at the cute card front they made, Goofy kids :)

You open it up and find two heart loollies, Yum!
(It's a good sign the plastic is still on them :)
The sticker Mom & Dad they made are adorable!
Oh Ya! Mom & Dad Rock! Woohoo!

Then you read what your eight year old daughter has written:

"Thank you for all you done.
Have a very very very very
Good, + Awsome Valentines day!
Love you very much!"

AWWWWWW How sweet :)

On to your thirteen year old's musings, this should be good.
He usually has something weird to say:

"To my loving and careing parents. I thank you for all you have done to keep me safe. Not that many parents do that and I am grateful for your support..."Even know I don't do anything". Let's stay on topic, oh, oh, yeah, I Thank you very much and hope you have a good valentines day. Your loving son, +++"

WHAT! Is this from the same boy who just farted on the cat?
You think you might cry!
Did aliens come and abduct the kids while you were on a 7 hour grocery shopping spree???

And then you turn the card over and realize,
"Yes these are my children, and I'm so lucky to have them :)"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Booth of the Week!

This weeks Bonanzle Booth really needs no introduction from little ol' me!
Felicitations is owned by a talented and witty lady with whom I share a first name with!
Henrietta's booth is filled with gorgeous reproductions of Victorian era paper greeting cards, photo frames, scrapbooking items and so much more. Browsing her booth will take you back in time and put a smile on your face! I especially love the cheeky magnets.

You should also check out her amazing blog "The Red Ink Diary". There is a wealth of knowledge for online selling as well as quite a few amusing stories/pictures :)

Some of my favorite items from her Booth follow. You can't go wrong with your holiday & everyday greetings if you purchase from Felicitations!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Booth of the Week!

Earth First Native Plant Nursery

This week's favorite booth is one I really enjoy visiting. Their booth is full of native and natural plants and flowers. Based in New Jersey they really have a great selection and I plan on getting a few things from them this spring :) Some of these items are hard to find in your local greenhouse setting so it's nice to find them here.

They have other things besides plants. There are some really beautiful earrings and environmental friendly clothing. Also Handmade bird feeder wreaths and pine cones!

Gift Certificates are also available in their booth! Plants always make a wonderful gift for the gardener on your list!

Stop by and check out EarthFirstNatives' Booth today! It will make you long for spring :)

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