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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Chickens

It actually feels like Spring today! The sun is simply beautiful this morning. Almost all of Mother Nature''s silly white trick of the night before last is melted away, it feels wonderful outside. The sun rise on the frost was gorgeous but I'm still glad that it will soon be gone for another season.

I also know it's Spring because my Hens are in full out egg laying mode. This morning There were 12 fat eggs piled into 2 nest. One hen was so excited to get outside and enjoy the weather that she laid the 13th egg as she ran out the coop's chicken door! ~ PLOP ~ right into the mud puddle, lol. She didn't even stop to check as she normally does, just kept going and started scratching away.

It's kind of funny that there should be 13 eggs this morning, especially since I have only 11 hens, 1 or 2 of which are old grannies and not particularly fond of laying an egg every day. I'm quite certain the 2 Roos had nothing to do with it. All I can figure is there must have been some midnight gabbing fest going on between a few of the chickies :)

Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Found a great Blog giveaway!

WhileTheyPlay is having a De-Stash Giveaway! She recently found she has an acrylic allergy so can't use any of this yarn, so she's giving it to a lucky reader!

All you have to do to enter is visit her blog and leave a comment! Get 2 entries by blogging about it, just like I did here :) There's $65.00 worth of beautiful yarn + a cool tote to stash it in!

Good luck everyone that enters!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Savvy Sampler

Finally!! I have a free minute to check out the goodies I received earlier!

First up is a 4.23 oz organic Sensible Sipper from R.W. Knudsen family. It's really adorable and has the Berenstein Bears on it :) It also cam with a coupon for Buy one get one free of an 8 pack! That's awesome!

Next up is a packet of 2 Gummy Vitamins for Adults! (cool!) These are by Slice of Life. It says they're a Multi + Lycopene, it has a coupon for $2.00 off a bottle of them. I really like this idea of gummies for adults! It makes it fun for us too :)

The next item I pulled out was a sample bag of Puffins 100% all natural Peanut Butter Cereal, it's wheat free and low fat and looks yummy! Made by Barbara's. Hey whattyaknow! I can pronounce all the ingredients! It came with a $1.00 off coupon, sweet!

Something non-food related is next a 33 oz sample of Aubrey Organics Creme de la Shave shaving lotion in Rasberry Honey, Hmm, it sounds almost good enough to eat!

Last but not least out of the box is a 2 pack of Herb Teas from Traditional Medicinals. One is Organic Chamomile with Lavender, the other is Organic Nighty Night. I can't wait to try these, I am a big tea fanatic!

Do you want to know how I got all these treats? Sure ya do! I signed up to be a Savvy Sampler at The website is full of great articles, tips, news, reviews and so much more. There's a lot of great information on organic and natural foods & living. Check it out! I signed up with them maybe 2 weeks ago and never expected to get products to review so soon!

Did I mention....

I absolutely love samples! What I love even more is finding a box of free stuff in my mailbox! Look what just came today :)

I've got to run but later on I'll post the what and more importantly, the HOW of these samples! I don't think I've heard of any of them so it's great to get to try out some new things!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A quick post

I've been a bit busy lately, I was hired as an agent at kgb_(The Knowledge Generation Bureau) , and have been spending most of my free time answering some strangely weird text messages :)

I just wanted to leave a link to some really great contests and giveaways going on right now! I've been following Deal Seeking Mom's blog for for a few weeks now and there's a lot of great info there! I ran across the list of blog giveaways yesterday! If you have a little free time to kill then this is definitely a fun way to spend it!

Every Sunday there will be a posting of Blog giveaways! If you are having one or want to enter one this is the place to go! Giveaway Gathering of the week. Who knows, maybe you'll find a great new blog to follow or find some new friends :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A little Grocery Tip

At our local grocery store, Tuesday is a day to look forward to! On Tuesdays around 11am they stock the shelf back by the doughnuts with discounted baked products. Now these aren't from the store bakery, these are name brand goodies! Yesterday I bought Pepperidge Farms bread for $1.09 a loaf! I got a loaf each of 9 grain, dark Whole Wheat, Oatmeal & Rye! They had a ton more but we can only eat so much bread! The week before I bought some of the Pepperidge Farms Bagels, 1 regular and 1 whole wheat for $0.99 a bag! This is a huge savings considering these breads usually sell for $2-$4 each! They store beautifully in the freezer and can go straight to the toaster frozen, YUM! You should definitely check your local store to see if they have this special! I always missed it until I finally asked an employee when the heck the bread came in! lol.

Tip: Don't store your bread in the refrigerator, it goes stale faster. Store it in the freezer. It defrosts quickly and stays fresh much longer that way!
Don't forget to enter the Better Homes & Gardens Sweepstakes today! The prize today is a set of 6 Tritan Crystal Wine/Water Goblets!

I found a few freebies today. First here's a free mousepad from, who can't use a new one of those!
Hey, how about a free Kelly Clarkson song? Enter "Dove" in the box and click redeem for a free track on! I love free music downloads!

Stay Dry!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Did you know?

I didn't realize how many magazines have great websites! Ya know what else a lot of their sites have? Giveaways! I'll bet there are a ton you subscribe to or read that have contests or a giveaway of some sort on their site! The most recent one I've found is over at Country Living, they are giving away some really nice stuff this month! Personally I want these Hunter boots (contest link here), so no one enter that one! lol

Today's prize on the Better Homes and Gardens site is a Peugeot 9-inch Pepper Mill. Tomorrow it's a Linea Q flatware setting. Sweet!

Here's a great sample for the guy in your life! Degree for men - Absolute Protection Deodorant! There's a quick form to fill out. "dry & fresh without compromising your manliness" LOL!

A freebie I seen on TV last night was for that new Emergen-C product. I think it looks like a really good thing, definitely can't wait to try my free sample!

MaraNatha is having a sweepstakes, you can enter to win One of two free weekend Yoga Getaways. They each include a 4 day/3 night trip for 2 to Yoga Journal's Estes Park, Colorado National Conference Sept. 24-27, 2009, Airfare & lodging, Meal vouchers, Yoga class & conference, Yoga DVD, one year subscription to Body+Sol magazine, MaraNatha Sampler Kit with coupons & recipes. The prize is worth $3,100. There are also some really nice first place and second place prizes. I know I could use a getaway! Go enter! If you win take your mom, aunt, cousin or bff and enjoy!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A few quick freebies + more!

This could be a regular thing on my blog! I do love looking for unique and different freebies and samples. I want something different from the same old ones you see all over the web. I think I found a few good ones today! I'll save the best for last :)

First up is a FREE MenopauseRx Survival Kit , this looks really interesting and has a lot of information in the kit! Great for ladies who gone through natural or induced menopause. The kit contains free educational materials, full size samples and coupons, you also get 5% off if you order through their site. Very easy form with a few quick questions to answer.

Next I found this free
"Kids Shouldn't Smoke" bumper sticker. They also have posters, brochures and even 2 free board games you can order! Help spread the word!

This one isn't a freebie but it's something else I love, online games! This site is very cool! The Actibrain site is based on the company's Brain Trainers for the PC which have sold over 500,000 copies around the world. The site says you can "Exercise and train your brain in five key areas: Verbal, Numerical, Logical, Memory and Spatial. Play workout games as much as you want. Take Daily Tests and review your progress charts." I tried it and the games are simple but fun and challenging. Great way to keep your brain sharp :)

Last but certainly not least is my favorite giveaway today! Actually 3 freebies in 1! The Gooseberry Patch Store has a Free Fall Favorite Cookbook form you can fill out. They say there's a limit 1 per address. U.S. & Canada addresses only. The form is still active so you should get your new cookbook within 4 weeks!

Gooseberry Patch also posts a new free recipe from one of their cookbooks each week! This week's recipe is Nutty French Toast Bake, yum! If you register on their site they'll give you another recipe as well!

They also say if you have a recipe you'd like to share and they use it in one of their cookbooks they will send you the cookbook it's published in for Free!

I hope you find at least one of these freebies useful! I have lots more to find and post so stop by again!

clip art of a robin
There was a Robin in the backyard today!
Welcome spring!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Freebies! - It's an obsession

Wow! A double posting day! This is good for me :) There are some great giveaways going on at Seventeen Magazine's website right now. They are giving away lots of green/organic prizes, clothing, jewelry, makeup! Go take a peek and tell your friends! I know I've entered them all!

I love free samples!

I've spent my Saturday glued to the computer. I've been freebie & sample hunting :) It's one of my favorite web pastimes! I mean who doesn't like free? Free is so good! I have to tell you about the really awesome new sample site I found today! I've never seen so many legitimate and GOOD samples in one place before! I mean this is stuff I actually WANT to sample!

Before I point you over there though I want to show you the blog I ran across yesterday, RealWomenRealMoneyWorkFromHome , This lady knows of some really great survey & money saving sites so it's definitely worth your time to check her blog out! She's running a contest right now called the Sitemeter 10,000 Contest Check it out! There's a great chance to win cash ($100) or a goodie bag of free stuff! She has a lot of good info on her site!

The sample site I'm so excited about today is called You will just go nuts over all the free stuff on their site! I can tell you I hate sites that try to reel you in and make you do all these offers and jump through hoops to try and get a sample, this site is NOTHING like that at all, very straightforward list and even has member reviews and forums! The site has more than just samples, you can find coupons, freebies, sweepstakes & contests, giveaways, surveys & deals of the day. If you visit let me know hat you thought of it!

OH! One more thing, I almost forgot! Vitabase has a really nice deal going on for anyone who has a public blog. They will send a 20g sample of Creme Au Caramel Rooibos Tea to anyone who places a link to Vitabase on their web site or blog! Wow! Now that's a great freebie! I can't wait to try mine, I absolutely love tea.

I hope you found some useful info her today! I plan on blogging more about my search for samples and quest to save money, so stop by once in awhile to see what's new!

SPRING is right around the corner!

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